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I earned my bachelor’s degree in Consumer Economics from The University of Georgia in May of 2012 (Go Dawgs!) but after graduation, love led me to Virginia, which I now call home.  I married my favorite human, Cory, and became Rachel McCart in September of 2016; sharing love, life, and home with your best friend is the jam. 

I love traveling and spending time with my husband, chatting with friends over a strong cup of coffee (or three), and I hold a strong affinity for the word y’all…it’s that Georgia blood. Oh, and I take my role as world’s best dog mom to a sassy lab quite seriously. I’ve got the coffee mug to prove it.

The Daily Apple is an outlet for me to share my musings, creative inspirations, and daily truths. Getting this blog up and running has been on my New Year’s Resolutions list for the past three years… but hey, third time’s a charm, right? What’s been holding me back? Fear, perhaps. Creativity is vulnerable work, but this is my year of ‘yes’.

I’m constantly looking for ways to infuse creativity into my daily life and hope to channel the skills developed over the course of this class to grow The Daily Apple aesthetically and create beautiful content that uplifts and encourages others… and elicits a good laugh along the way.

Throughout the course of Digital Imagery in Web Design, I’m particularly excited about digging deeper into typography, logo creation, and branding. I’m currently a self-proclaimed novice in Photoshop but am eager to increase my confidence within the powerful software as we make our way through each lesson. It’s critical that as I learn more about Photoshop, I’m able to identify not only ‘how’ to perform certain tasks and achieve certain design goals but the ‘why’ behind the steps to get there; develop a strong foundation of best practices to help me become a more well-rounded communications professional so I can bring added value to the businesses I work for in the future.

Join me on my About Me page to learn more and ‘connect’ with me!

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