Selections and Layers

Giving Moana her own flower crown:


File selection and beginning steps:

This week in Digital Imagery in Web Design, we reviewed selections and layers. I chose to pull a file with an array of single flowers and a free stock photo of Moana, the Hawaiian Disney princess, from the world wide web and give her a beautiful floral crown to round out the island feel. To give Moana a beautiful flower crown, I used the quick selection lasso tool to copy / paste each flower into a new layer. I then grouped the multiple flower layers to make the layers more manageable and embedded a file of Moana into her own layer. Using the quick selection tool on Moana, I removed her from her original layer and placed her into a new layer with a transparent background. Moving and resizing the flowers, I placed each one to create her flower crown.

Background Texture and Color Selection: 

The background was created using a custom brush. Creating the custom brush tool out of a floral print was fairly straightforward- I quick selected the flower I wanted to make into a brush, selected Edit > Set Brush Preset and wa- la… you have a custom brush! I created a new layer specifically for my brush (since it’s a destructive tool) and rearranged my layers so that my background was first, brush layer was the next tier, with Moana and the flower group at the top. I arranged my layers in this order because I wanted to use the floral brush to paint the background in a texture/color that symbolized the ocean without covering up Moana and destroying her layer. I used the eye dropper tool to select a blue tone from her necklace for my brush and added in white to add in a little texture.


*This character and stock photo were used strictly as inspiration for a graduate level project.

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