Image Corrections

Happy Giraffe: 

This week’s project involved taking the separate image files you see above  (giraffe, serengeti landscape, elephant, sunglasses) and editing them to create one happy, sunglass wearing giraffe (as seen in the final image below).

Beginning with the giraffe file, I used the Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove the stray hairs on the side of the giraffe’s face and removed one of his brown spots (can you tell which one?). To remove the white spots on his tongue, I used the Spot Healing Brush Tool and the Clone Stamp; after I was content with the removal of the white spots, I burned the tongue to bring a darker, more realistic tone back to the area.

Steps to remove the blue background from the giraffe file:

  • Select giraffe using Quick Selection Tool
  • Select > Inverse and Delete to remove the background

Once the blue background was removed, I placed > embedded the serengeti background image, imported the elephant and repeated the quick selection tool/ inverse process with the elephant and positioned him in the background.

I placed > embedded the sunglasses image, resized and rotated to properly fit them to the giraffe’s face.


  • Dodging to lighten the giraffe and make him appear as though he’s standing in the sunlight
  • Levels and brightness/contrast to make colors subtly pop
  • “Burning”and blurring the elephant to create depth of field
  • Adding text layer and special effects to make the typography pop

Happy FriYAY, y’all!


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