Creating gold foil fonts


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, gold foil? When asked to create a quick mock-up of a personal logo and tagline implementing principles of typography we reviewed in class this week, I knew I wanted to try my hand at creating a fun gold foil effect in a brush stroke. 

Here we go! 


The logo is my name and three descriptors about me; these are my go-to for bios because they’re short, fun, and representative of who I am. My husband is forever having to strike a balance between encouraging me to daydream and reaching up to pull me back down to a safe altitude, much like a balloon. I digress!

I love the brush calligraphy look so I decided to go with Beyond the Mountains as the primary font and Champagne & Limousines as the secondary font- I absolutely love the parallel between the font names. Sans serif is a problem for me… I love it! It’s clean and impactful. I often have to force myself to use Serif fonts. Whoops.

(Please note that these fonts are free downloads for personal use only. Commercial use requires licensing and permission issued by the artist themselves).

I love gold foil and wanted to try it out as my font color pattern so I created a new document, selected two different tones of gold for the foreground and background colors (a light gold tone and a dark gold tone) and selected Filter > Render > Clouds to blend the two gold tones. Next, to add noise, I selected Filter > Noise > Add Noise (adjust until you’re happy with the noise level- I chose 7% and Monochromatic option for the right grain for what I was trying to achieve).

To finish off the ‘foil’ look, the next step was Filter > Filter Gallery > Distort > Glass. I modified the settings until I was happy with the smoothness of the foil.

To create the text for my logo, I created a new layer with text, selecting the fonts I wanted, and began formatting the font and paragraph styles. Since the primary font is a brush calligraphy stroke, I kept the tracking at 0 but for the tagline, I adjust the tracking to 50+; I really liked how the font style could handle increased tracking. Font is centered for this particular project.

Then I switched the order of the layers so that the foil layer was on top of the text layer- this is KEY for the next step to work.

Now the fun part! To convert my text to the foil look, I selected Layer > Create Clipping Mask and wa-la! you have a text with a foil look.

Up next- rose gold foil! I’ll update with how those tones work out.


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