Kauai Juice Co. Menu Project


Tasked with creating a menu for a hip restaurant, I immediately knew I wanted to create a menu for my favorite juice bar on earth: Kauai Juice Co. on the island of Kauai. You’ve never experienced color until you’ve seen one of their glass bottles filled with this magical elixir.

There’s a reason they named a menu item “Rainbow Unicorn Juice”.

Inspiration and Planning

Before putting anything on my canvas, I have to answer a few key questions about the intent of the message, the purpose of the design, and characteristics of the brand to get the creative process moving along.

To me, the existing brand portrays a message of raw, clean, fresh, organic, and nourishing; these are words I used to inspire the typography, color, and element choices in my design.  When I think of Kauai Juice Co. I think of natural elements (water, in particular); close to nature.

Font, Color, and Background Selection

To create a menu that reflected nourishment and organic elements, while still incorporating art and flow, I really wanted to bring in a watercolor background in a deep blue/teal tone. Movement was an important element to parallel through watercolor since Kauai is an island that helps you feel unplugged and at peace.

Creating the watercolor background: 

I selected a wide watercolor brush that would bring in a lot of movement, adjusted the opacity to bring in enough variance in color and depth that it reflected the ocean in order to spark a subconscious thought of hydrating elements.

Logo and body copy typography choices: 

The typography choices needed to reflect the raw piece of the brand; hence the simplistic, sans serif font choices: Champagne & Limousines, Caviar Dreams, and Lemon/Milk.

Side note: I imagine naming nail polishes and fonts are pretty rad jobs to have. What’s the official job title for such a role? Get paid to come up with sassy names? Who’s hiring?

I wanted the logo typography to carry it’s own weight in representing the brand without the overuse of graphics. That’s the beauty of a great font!

For the logo, I opted for increased tracking, clean font (Milk/Lemon) and a statement piece (aloe plant graphic). Again, the color choice for the logo tied into the clean, nourishing element of the brand.

For the body copy (menu categories and items), the font needed to be clean enough to read but have enough personality to reflect the flare that is a local, Hawaiian business.

Combine all those elements and wa-la! You have a menu fit for a Hawaiian inspired juice bar.

And now I’m off to convince my husband of a second honeymoon in Kauai. Wish me luck.


*I am not affiliated with the Kauai Juice Co. brand in any form or fashion. The brand is merely an inspiration for a graduate level project.












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