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Southern Weddings- Cory & Rachel’s Seaside Wedding 

I’ve been waiting months to share some fun news with everyone and now that I have the final content in my hands, I can! Southern Weddings released their feature on our September Seaside wedding this morning and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me butterflies reminiscing on that magical weekend celebrating the start of marriage with my best friend while being surrounded by the ones we love.

When Southern Weddings asked to feature our wedding, I knew I wanted to use my voice to share the truth about what wedding planning is really like and that the joy lies in the imperfections and mishaps; starting with the sweet little fact that the one time I sprint home after date night and change into gray on gray sweatpants and fuzzy socks just happened to be the same night Cory proposed. I die.

No, that’s not a typo. Yes, I was wearing gray on gray when he proposed.

Moving on.

Getting proposed to while wearing sweatpants (really, I did not see that one coming), nearly taking out an end cap of bubbly because I couldn’t stop staring at my sparkly left hand, and the epic storm that rolled through our outdoor reception are just a few of the memories that make me laugh, give thanks for cleansing rain, and donate all shades of gray in my wardrobe to the nearest Goodwill.

To read the full story on our proposal, planning process, and wedding day details, check out our Southern Weddings feature right here 🙂   


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