Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand Identity & Visual Identity across platforms

Integrated marketing communications is the consistency of a brand across all mediums (website, social media, email marketing, blog, etc.). IMC is hugely important to a brand’s permanence and recognition among consumers. Subconsciously, the consistency of a message and branding guidelines across all marketing platforms creates a stability in the consumer’s mind concerning the brand in question. When integrated marketing communications is properly managed, the message is clear and concise.

Visual identity and brand identity are important to integrated marketing communications because the goal of your IMC strategy is to reach consumers across all platforms in a consistent enough manner to create a perception in the consumer’s mind about what your brand represents and spark the conversation as to why they need your product. If your branding is consistent, a consumer will begin to recognize and remember your brand. If it’s inconsistent, it will be like they’re seeing a new brand for the first time every time they see your logo/marketing collateral; this makes it much more difficult to build brand loyalty.

Crafting strong IMC: Farmgirl Flowers- Ship Love

Farmgirl Flowers is a California based florist that provides beautifully curated, American grown flower bouquets at an attractive price point. I chose to use Farmgirl Flowers as the inspiration for my Integrated Marketing Communications project because of their mission, my personal positive experience receiving one of their beautiful bouquets, and the gorgeous typography, color choices, and imagery that embody the brand.

Natural elements within the brand inspired my image choice, typography and color selection. Farmgirl Flowers has a lush, organic feel to it and that needs to be translated across all platforms.

Using the eye dropper tool, I selected a pink hue from the bouquet to use for the hashtag and call to action. #SHIPLOVE is a hashtag currently used by FGF on their social media platforms and it perfectly coincides with a Valentine’s Day campaign. Replacing the ‘O’ in SHIPLOVE with a heart shape was a subtle yet strategic move to tie in the Valentine’s Day campaign.

I increased the vibrancy of the photo to pull deeper tones from the florals against the light wood plank background and left aligned the logo and hashtag. The typography choice is a clean font used on their website known as Oswald so as to maintain the organic elements of the brand.

Below are samples from Farmgirl’s Twitter, website, and Instagram profiles that represent their IMC.

Sourced from the Farmgirl Flowers Twitter account
Sourced from the Farmgirl Flowers website
Sourced from the Farmgirl Flowers Instagram account

*I am not affiliated with the Farmgirl Flowers brand in any way. This project is for graduate level education purposes only.

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