Clipping Masks & Aloha Vibes

Winter in VA calls for a little 82 degree Hawaiian weather inspo in my design work. Tasked with creating a postcard for either my home state or favorite state, it didn’t take much deliberation before choosing Hawaii as my state of choice. Hawaii is the perfect excuse for fabulous fonts, vivid tones and retro images.


Using clipping masks, I was able to create a patterned font, as seen above.

Below is another example of how you can take your font to the next level visually by crafting text, embedding an image, and applying a clipping mask. You may recognize this same technique from an earlier post, in which I created a gold foil font. If ya missed, it check it out here .

The original image used to create this clipping mask is credited to Cassidy Carson Photography.

Can you make out what book that is?

You’re never too old to start your morning with a little I Spy. Just sayin’.

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