InDesign for the SPCA

For one of my midterm projects, I was tasked with creating a ten page informational guide for a local non-profit while adhering to the basics of design elements, layout, typography and color theory.

The SPCA (Society for Prevention of Animals) was my non-profit of choice because, see images below. Any more questions?

In all sincerity, the Peninsula SPCA is a no-kill, adoption guarantee shelter that runs off of charitable contributions. Transitioning to an adoption guarantee shelter meant that the SPCA left upwards of $1,000,000 in government funding on the table when they stepped away to do the right thing.

If you would like to donate to help keep the shelter up and running,  you can do so right here .

Check out the finished product here: mccart_midsemesterproject

*I am not affiliated with the communications or branding efforts of the SPCA and this project was strictly for educational purposes only. The written content used for the guide was sourced from information provided on the SPCA’s website.

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