Mood Board

Mood boards as part of the design process

What is a mood board and why should a designer incorporate them into their brainstorming process? Mood boards are a compilation of colors, textures, type, and materials used to narrow in on stylistic inspiration for a particular brand or concept.

Mood board = visual brain dump.

Inspiration can be derived from elements within your board for your personal brand, client’s brands, home design; it’s a multi-faceted tool to bring your vision to life.

The freezing temps here in Virginia have me craving dry, desert tropicale climates and I needed my mood board to reflect the gorgeous cactus and sand inspired hues to get me through the remaining winter months. Long live summer.

Desert Tropicale (still love white, Jo Jo)

Don’t get me wrong, I love neutrals as much as the next millennial designer (insert *ecstatic look from my husband as I announce I’m painting yet another room white), but desert tropicale inspired elements give you the perfect excuse to draw on bold tones and dusty pinks and blues that my frozen little creative soul just needs to play with right now.

I pulled in a dusty toned desert sunset and cactus to really play on the dry elements the desert is known for. I love the parallel between my desert images and the lush, bright fruits just waiting to quench that thirst sparked by desert travels.

Color Palette

Ohhhh, picking colors to play well with each other in this mood board was SO fun.

I close my eyes and picture a Palm Springs weekend getaway with ridiculous pops of color.

I’ve mentioned before that I think naming nail polishes would be right up my alley (still waiting on info about how to get hired for that gig) and I’ve gotten into the habit of naming my hex color values for my own entertainment and swatch labeling purposes. Design should be fun! What ways do you take it a step farther to personalize the process?

Mountain Haze Blue, Palm Springs Pink, Cactus Juice, and Desert Lime were the exact tones I wanted to pull from the three mood board images to creative a cohesive style.

Happy designing! (now pass the lime)



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