Mama’s Boy Wireframe & Website Mockup

Mama’s Boy Athens

Any UGA alum will tell you that Mama’s Boy is an icon in Athens even beyond your undergraduate days. I now live 700 miles from that sweet little shack of a food heaven but whenever we’re within driving distance, I make sure to pay homage to Mama’s Boy for my doctor recommended dose of biscuits and gravy.

Creating a wireframe before you begin on a web design project is a way to map out your elements in a minimalist way to give you an idea as to how the mockup will look when real elements are incorporated.

Keeping the design simple and letting the Mama’s Boy food culture speak for itself, I opted to use a food image as a hero image to immediately draw attention to what MB offers.

Yummy buttery goodness is the answer, by the way.


My main goals with this website were to:

  • Show you what they’ve got goin’ on in the kitchen (beautifully produced food)
  • Contact/reservation options
  • Specials
  • Call-to-action (let us cater your next event!)

*I am in no way affiliated with the Mama’s Boy brand. The images and information used to create a mockup of the brand’s website are strictly for educational purposes.

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