Hoppy Easter, Peeps. Project 11- Web Ads

Web Ad Campaigns

This week I was tasked with creating a series of web ads (leaderboard, rectangle ad, animated GIF skyscraper ad, and button) that are consistent with messaging and aesthetic for a brand of my choosing.

Since Christmas is the obvious go-to for retail holiday campaigns, I chose to go a different route since Easter is just around the corner! Who doesn’t love peeps? And by love Peeps I mean “who hasn’t used Peeps for an amazing DIY craft project at some point in their life?”

The fun branding and pops of color were just the inspiration I needed to choose Peeps for this project.

Applying a blue gradient background brought in the feel of a bright, spring sky and really tied in with the blue hue of one of the bunny peeps offered in Peeps line of ‘mallows.

In recent years, Peeps has added additional creatures to their ‘mallow lineup in an effort to grow their business beyond the spring season and expand out of the Easter niche, but there were just too many bunny puns to even think about going with an alternative!

Using images of actual peep bunny ears to create a border was a play off of Easter grass, paired with the gradient blue sky.

To create consistency across the ads, the logo placement, color palette and use of the bunny ears as a border stayed the same to bring in brand consistency and strengthen brand identity with this campaign.

My favorite part of this project was creating an animated (GIF) file in Photoshop to create the ad with bunnies popping out of the bottom of the ad. “SURPRISE! Now you see me, now you don’t!”

The hopping bunnies brought in a playful, cheeky element to the ad that works well with the fun nature of the Peeps brand.

Cheers, peeps!
























*I am in no way affiliated with the Peeps brand. The images and content used are for educational purposes only.

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