Email Marketing Campaign

Creating an Easter holiday email campaign for Peeps

Surprise! The bunnies are back.

To piggyback on the web ad campaign I created for Peeps brand (which you can take a peek at right here), I took it a step further to round out the integrated marketing communications efforts and build out a mock up email campaign.

The color palette, font choices, and messaging remained the same from the web ads to this new piece; the goal is to present a strong brand identity across platforms in order to increase brand recognition with consumers.

Applying a blue gradient background brought in the feel of a bright, spring sky and really tied in with the blue hue of one of the bunny peeps offered in Peeps line of ‘mallows.

Using images of actual peep bunny ears to create a border was a play off of Easter grass, paired with the gradient blue sky.



*This project is for educational purposes only. I am in no way affiliated with the Peeps brand or with Just Born, Inc.

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