Airbnb Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing Campaign


Selecting a travel brand to create a spring break social media marketing campaign for was an easy decision with the the exciting expansion Airbnb has recently introduced (they’re now offering experiences in addition to places to stay).

Working for a startup myself and the interest I’ve always had for brands and their voices, Airbnb’s story is one for the books. Airbnb’s almost failure is one of my favorite startup stories. Read about how Airbnb’s future was banking on a box of cereal. What?! Cereal?

Airbnb is experiencing rapid global growth, encouraging others to share their peace of the earth with others… and it’s awesome.


I wanted to bring in images that represented more than just the typical beach spring break trip. I wanted Airbnb’s campaign to say “Get out there and get lost in a part of the world you haven’t seen before.” For the Facebook cover images, I wanted to tie in elements of red to stay consistent with Airbnb’s branding and to illicit a feeling of courage and bravery with the consumer.

For the Snapchat geo filter, I wanted the logo to be present but also symbols that represent the spirit of travel and adventure that Airbnb embodies.

What do you think? What are your favorite brands and how do they make you feel? Let me know!

*I am in no way affiliated with the Airbnb brand. This project is for educational purposes only.

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