IMC Campaign Final Project

Peninsula SPCA IMC Campaign

Organization overview

The Peninsula Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has provided shelter and adoption services for the homeless pets of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and York County since 1963. In 2015, the Peninsula SPCA transitioned to be an Adoption Guarantee, or “no kill” animal shelter. The Peninsula SPCA offers educational classes, outreach programs, volunteer opportunities to the local community. Over 45,000 animals have been placed into loving homes by the SPCA since the organization’s inception.

Target market analysis

The Peninsula SPCA’s target market includes:

  • Families with children
  • Singles and young professionals
  • Seniors

The Peninsula SPCA’s target audience focuses on families with children, singles/young professionals and seniors currently in the market for a pet, former pet owners, and those open to the idea of having a pet as part of their family in the future. Further adoption guidelines and requirements narrow the target market further to [financially] stable citizens in good standing with the state/federal government, per a mandatory background check.

Communications strategy

The main focus of this communications strategy is to amplify the branded messaging, “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and “You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it”. This messaging is tailored to audiences in the market for welcoming a pet into their home, but encouraging them to support the Peninsula SPCA and efforts to improve the quality of life of homeless and special needs pets by rescuing  animals instead of shopping designer breeds. This comprehensive campaign proposal includes digital marketing initiatives (social media, website, rebranded logo design), data-driven journalism (infographic), and print promotions (direct mail, promotional flyers, and branded informational pocket folders) to reach target audiences in a variety of mediums to maximize reach and strengthen brand identity.


Previous logo:

SPCA transparent logo

Rebranded logo:

spca logo

Design elements and color psychology:

The Peninsula SPCA is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter that places homeless and special needs animals in loving homes. To really make color psychology work for us and not against us, I wanted to pull in hues of blues and pinks.

Blue: the color of peace and calm, which is quite fitting for an animal shelter- think safety. Serenity, calm, and clarity. Value in integrity. 

Pink: the color of kind, gentle love. Represents nurture, safety and vulnerability. 

Typography and element choices:

Lemon/Milk font and clean vector icons were strategic. Peninsula SPCA is a non-profit and many non-profits don’t have a hefty marketing budget to make frequent design updates, etc. They needed a rebranded logo that was clean and timeless, but that would also print black and white.

Promotional Print Collateral

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The print marketing collateral created for this campaign can be used in fundraising initiatives (i.e. informational folders and postcards) and at marketing events to promote the brand while maintaining a consistent brand identity. The pieces were designed to stand as individual collateral as well as work together to make a comprehensive print campaign.

Social Media

SPCA Social Media Facebook Cover 1SPCA Social Media Facebook Cover 2SPCA Social Media Facebook Cover 3

The purpose of the social media campaign for the Peninsula SPCA is to create engagement and an emotional connection with the target audience; convince the target audience that adopting a rescue animal is more valuable to their family and the local community than purchasing a designer breeder pet. To create successful engagement and connection, content should feature personal stories about the shelter animals available for adoption, as well as high quality images of the animals. Past rescue families and adoptees stories should be featured, sharing emotional moments for both the rescue animals and the families who have adopted animals. Video content is an excellent medium to share effective story telling to convey the message of “you can’t buy love, but you can rescue it”. Video storytelling is a high value content piece that will require more resources to create, but will encourage people to share (and therefore increase reach and traffic) because there is an emotional response.

In addition to utilizing Facebook to target seniors and families, it is my recommendation that the Peninsula SPCA utilize Instagram to target their younger demographics. Instagram is home to the lifestyle and influencer blogging movement, making this a prime platform to attract younger followers and present persuasive content that is pro-rescue.

As with all technology mediums, the target audience will vary slightly per medium (i.e. Facebook campaigns will be targeted towards families and seniors ages 32+, while Instagram will be used to engage with the age range 18-31). With recent updates to Facebook algorithms affecting pages and small businesses, it is important for Peninsula SPCA to post no more than once a day, and mostly in the evening time to capture traffic from the target market that is surfing social media after dinner before bedtime. Instagram should be utilized to post twice a day- once before 10:00 AM and once in the evening time to pull millennial traffic between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

In order to maximize social media campaigns, it’s important that content is effectively scheduled out and posted regularly in order to create a consistency with brand identity and increase recognition and engagement with the target audience. Creating and maintaining a content calendar that is updated monthly is an effective tool for tracking and planning for content creation.


SPCA Infographic

* I am not affiliated with Peninsula SPCA or the ASPCA brand. The content you see above is for educational purposes only.

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